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Apartments for Rent in Ghana

There are 7065 apartments for rent available in Ghana. The average price is ₵19,221/month, while the cheapest apartment available starts at ₵1/month and the most expensive costs ₵6,008,798/month. These apartments are listed by verified realtors, property owners and well-known real estate developers.

Meqasa lists over thousands of properties for rent in Ghana from Agents, Developers and Owners. These apartments are categorized into Studio apartments, condos and Townhouses.

Most Apartment houses are self-contained with multiple floors. Some are also furnished apartments in Ghana and flats. In Ghana, Flat-Apartments are mostly shared facilities. Luxurious apartments are mostly named Penthouses. Penthouses are units on the highest floor of most apartments buildings, condominium or hotels.

Overview of Apartment Types in Ghana

Studio Apartments for rent are the smallest self-contained apartment normally pertained as studio with large single main room which also acts as a living room, bedroom, dining room but with bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Condominium often truncated to condo is a type of living space which is similar to an apartment but can be sold and mostly regarded as a real estate property.

Some apartments in Ghana have advanced technology like surveillance systems, central control system and fitness areas.

How to Find the best Apartment for Rent in Ghana

Finding the best apartment for rent in Ghana is subjective. Some factors like design, location, price, infrastructures around the community all contribute to find your best apartment to rent. When you are able to find all above to your satisfaction, one may say: you have found your best apartment for rent. Some of the searched areas on meqasa according to meqasa's traffic include:

Some tips on finding the best apartment to rent in Accra

  • Location: Location is one of the most important factor. A wrong location might affect your productivity. e.g: if you choose a location that is very far from your office or work-place, you might always make it in time to work. With location, you must also consider structure of the land. That is slope or steeped land structure are normally water logged during the raining season.
  • Facilities or Land Marks: When selecting your apartment especially on meqasa, search for facilities like malls, schools, markets, transportation stations, police station or any favourite amenity that might interest you. Being close to these facilities might make your life easy.
  • Road Development: Another major factor to consider is the construction of roads. Take a trip to the area. Check for tarred roads. if road is not tarred and appears to be very rough, you must think about the cost of transportation to that area and inconvenience.
  • Water and Electricity: Water and Electricity is very critical. If its a new area, and landlord or agent assures you to pay an upfront before utilities are implemented, think twice because these might waste your time as soon as money is paid. Apartment for Rent must have all utilities working in order.

Renting apartments in Ghana seems very natural possibly due to our communal way of life. Also, apartments are relatively cheaper to rent. In your search for a place to rent, simply select "apartment" as the property type in the search filter to browse through our thousands of apartments at various competitive prices. Additionally, you can set your price limits so the search is narrowed down further. Finding an apartment to rent in Ghana has never been easier

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