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There are 1267 apartments for sale available in Accra. The average price is ₵2,663,135, while the cheapest apartment available starts at ₵2,383,455 and the most expensive costs ₵2,933,590. These apartments are listed by verified realtors, property owners and well-known real estate developers.

Buying Apartments in Accra

Buying apartments in Accra can be a pretty gruelling process. It is extremely important to conduct proper research and compare prices before settling on your choice. To conduct this research, you might want to pitt properties in different areas against each other to determine which ones give you the best value for money. One might consider apartments for sale in cantonments for instance when looking for mid to high-end luxury properties in a good neighbourhood.

Budget is of course, a very important element in this process. Your budget automatically determines the most of property you can invest in. Properties in locations like East Legon as compared to Kwabenya will certainly be more expensive because of the prestige associated with a multicultural like East Legon. It has the benefit of being close to the airport and most business International as well. Interestingly, properties in Kwabenya when compared to Dansoman might still cost less than the Dansoman properties. This is because, Dansoman, though it lacks prestige has easier access to the bustling activities of the city.

You might also want to consider whether you’re interested in furnished apartments for rent in accra or in other parts of the Country. Furnished apartments are best for people who do not permanently live in Ghana such as expat workers or those who simply lack the time and energy to go shopping for furniture and home electronics.

Usually, it is easier and cheaper to purchase an uncompleted house for sale in Accra which allows you the room to modify and renovate the building to your specifications. Similarly, some people prefer old houses for sale in Accra as opposed to new and completely finished homes. This takes away the stress of planning the design of the house or even the process of putting up a fresh building step by step. A little renovation is all that is needed before you move into your new home.

One area we would recommend for prospective buyers to look into are the Clifton court luxury apartments in Accra. They have amazing 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Accra which offer great benefits for cost. 2 bedroom apartments are perfect for small sized families or couples who are just starting out in life. They provide enough room to hosts guests when necessary without creating an excess of wasted rooms or space.

Discover the beautiful designs in apartments selling in Accra. Purchase a few at the competitive prices at which they are offered. The possibilities for use of apartments (condominiums) for sale are numerous: from raising a family in them to leasing to tenants for some steady income who are interested in living in Accra.

Refine your search with our search tools or try these furnished options or the 2-bedroom offering in this area.

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