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2 bedroom Apartments for Rent in Accra

There are 3131 2-bedroom apartments for rent available in Accra. The average price is ₵28,850/month, while the cheapest apartment available starts at ₵11/month and the most expensive costs ₵57,391/month. These apartments are listed by verified realtors, property owners and well-known real estate developers.

Types of Apartments you might consider.

CONVERTIBLE APARTMENT: a condo including a space sufficiently expansive to be walled off and utilized as a dining room. For instance, a convertible two-room (otherwise known as "flex 2") is a place that as of now has a vast room and a zone that could be walled off to create a second room.

STUDIO APARTMENT: one stay with a full restroom and a kitchen. It might have an alcove for dressing or eating.

CONVERTIBLE STUDIO APARTMENT: a studio in addition to. This could be a studio sufficiently expansive to have the capacity to make a walled-off space for dozing.

ANTEROOM STUDIO APARTMENT: a niche is characterized as a region close to one hundred square feet situated off of the living space. It's occasionally alluded to as a half room. Contingent upon its size and area, it could be walled off to make a resting nook or a feasting recess. A niche studio is a one-room studio with a recess (regularly L-formed) that can be utilized as a resting territory.

SPACE APARTMENT: one huge room, typically situated in a building that was changed over from business to private, with truly high roofs and windows. Space can give anything from a studio to three rooms, in spite of the fact that this is generally determined at the start.

JUNIOR 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT: a venture up from a studio, a lesser 1 may be a vast studio or a space of sorts, now and then highlighting a different dozing region as well as an eat-in kitchen.

JUNIOR 4 APARTMENT: a one-room loft with a different lounge area or little room. It's known as a lesser 4 since it highlights four rooms: a room, a kitchen, a front room, and an additional little room.

THREE-ROOM APARTMENT: the best case of this is a railroad condo (a few rooms associated by entryways, however, no passage), where the loft highlights three rooms, yet the design doesn't fit making more than maybe a couple rooms.

TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENT: otherwise called a genuine two-room, this has two real rooms, a typical living space, and a kitchen which may be partitioned.

WING TWO-BEDROOM: this style of the loft has two rooms joined by a little basic space, for example, a kitchen, however very little more seeing that living space is concerned.

Exemplary SIX: a three-room loft regularly found in pre-war structures. It includes a huge lounge area, a family room, and a full and an isolated kitchen. A significant number of these marvels have been renovated to make more lofts from the commonly vast space.

DUPLEX OR TRIPLEX: lofts with a few levels, individually. The levels might be remarkable in that the second or third level is for resting just, or they may include genuine floors with washrooms on each level.

GARDEN APARTMENT: this is a condo with access to a garden. On the off chance that you have one of these, you'll have bunches of guests in the late spring. The term can likewise mean a storm cellar level condo. Since the loft is incompletely subterranean, windows will be higher up on the dividers. Before going to the loft, confirm what is implied by cultivating condo.

Accra is a great choice of neighbourhood to live in. There is a great network of roads, great food joints, offices of major companies, and lots more. Selecting Accra in the search filter will give you access to all the wonderful apartments currently available for rent in the area. If you have a cap on your budget, that also, can be factored into your search: just set the price limit to your preferred amount and you'll only be shown apartments available for rent in Accra within your budget. Here at meQasa, we constantly strive to make your search experience easy and stress-free!

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