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1 bedroom Apartments for Rent in Achimota

There are 17 1-bedroom apartments for rent available in Achimota. The average price is ₵7,478/month, while the cheapest apartment available starts at ₵1/month and the most expensive costs ₵34,434/month. These apartments are listed by verified realtors, property owners and well-known real estate developers.

Apartments v Houses

An apartment is not just a place to sleep but also the place that you want to call home. Generally, apartment buildings are springing up all over the Country with a high volume of attractive, modern apartments being found in Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast. Apartments and self contained houses are some of the most common search options for people looking for property in Ghana.

Diverse Apartment options

In Accra for instance, you will often find properties like 2 bedroom apartments at achimota golf hills for rent or even single room self contained at Achimota Kingsby available for sale or rent. It is interesting how diverse and wide the options for apartments and houses in Ghana can be. You can easily find a 3 bedroom house for rent at achimota right next to an offer for a chamber and hall for rent in Achimota. This is actually really good for seekers or people searching for property because it means they do not necessary have to widen their scope of search in order to find the best property options. You can simply pick a specific location and search for all manner of properties from there. A person might decide that they are searching specifically for a single room with a porch for rent in Achimota or a 2 bedroom self contained in Achimota. No matter the requirements, you will find that the options are varied and many.

Comparing Apartments and House

There are certainly some arguments to be made in favour of apartments over houses and vice versa. At the end of the day, the factors that really matter in choosing one over the other should be the convenience to the person searching. A single room self contain for rent in tesano might give a person more value than a two bedroom self contain for rent at achimota if it turns out that the property at Tesano is closer to work, school or basic social amenities. Ideally, it would be better if there was both a single room self contained at Tesano and a two bedroom self contained in the same location and sometimes this is the case. But there is often the need to compare options and decide on what you want using factors that matter the most to you.

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